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    Looking for a Wallpaper Removal Company in Denver?

    Wallpaper removal and installation are among the many services a painter in Denver offers.

    So, if you want to give your room a makeover, wallpaper installation is suggested, especially if you are busy.

    You can do a do-it-yourself method, but we do not entirely recommend them.

    While it may seem easy to remove existing wallpapers from the house you just bought or rented, it is a little bit complicated.

    As for installation, it is time-consuming and frustrating, as well.

    Ask assistance from professionals to improve the aesthetic appeal of your interior.

    You may contact AAA PaintFix Company, a professional painting company in Denver, for wallpaper removal and installation.

    In this post, we are going to provide some steps on how to remove wallpaper in favor of those who are planning to perform DIY.

    Wallpaper Removal

    Homeowners like you can remove the wallpaper yourself.

    You just need elbow grease and other items available at home.

    Prepare these materials for actualization:

    • scoring tool
    • plastic tarp
    • Painter’s tape
    • hot water
    • 5” putty knife
    • vinegar
    • pressure sprayer
    • fabric softener
    • safety glasses
    • screwdriver

    1.  Preparation

    Like everything else, preparation is the first step to something.

    In conducting wallpaper removal, take note of the items that might get affected during the process.

    Hence, you need to protect the floors, move the pieces of furniture, and cover electrical outlets.

    The process will include spraying water and more, so it is best to protect your stuff.

    If you encounter nay problems during the entire process, contact a home painter in Denver immediately.

    2.  Pry Up the Wallpaper

    Wallpapers have various types, such as vinyl-coated to bamboo.

    In most cases, there is an outer layer and an adhesive inner layer.

    Start this step by using a scraper or a putty knife.

    Locate a wallpaper’s edge and pry it up with a scraper.

    Peel the wallpaper or scrape it off if you can.

    Meanwhile, if it comes in sheets, you will not encounter any major problems because it is easier.

    3.  Score the Wallpaper

    This step includes the hot water solution.

    Prepare the solution for the application after this step.

    You need to apply the solution to the paper to restore the adhesive, allowing it to come off.

    However, some wallpapers repel hot water like vinyl papers in kitchens and bathrooms.

    To solve this, buy a wallpaper scoring tool to penetrate the outer layer and loosen its stick on the wall.

    Apply light pressure only in running the scoring tool because too much might puncture the wallpaper.

    4.  Mix the Hot Water Solution

    After running the scoring tool, you can now apply the hot water solution.

    You can do either of these homemade solutions:

    1. ¼ fabric softener plus ⅗ hot water
    2. ¼ vinegar plus ⅔ hot water

    Hot water is a vital ingredient in the solution.

    Try what works best for the solution.

    Mix the hot water from the kettle with a pressure sprayer.

    We are also reminding you to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

    Also, please do not throw the hot water solution because you will still need it in the subsequent step.

    5.  Remove the Wallpaper

    This is your most-awaited process!

    With your pressure sprayer, apply the solution to a section of the wall about four-foot-wide.

    Then, wait for three minutes to pry a wallpaper’s corner to remove it from the wall altogether.

    A reminder from a home painter in Denver: remove the wallpaper while it is still wet.

    It will be difficult to remove if it has dried.

    If it does, repeat the process.

    Afterward, throw it into the trash can.

    6.  Take off the Remaining Adhesive

    Once the wallpaper has been removed, there is a tiny possibility that some adhesive remains on the walls.

    To remove them, apply the hot water solution again and use the scraper.

    7.  Wallpaper Installation

    Before proceeding to this step, we recommend you clean the area first for a smoother process.

    Afterward, you may proceed to the wallpaper installation or painting the wall, depending on your preference.

    If you need assistance, do not hesitate to call a home painter in Denver for help.

    AAA PaintFix Company is a professional painting company in Denver.

    Every home painter in Denver from our team is an expert on this!

    For inquiries, quotes, a list of services, and more, dial our number now.

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