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    Exterior House Painting Service in Denver

    A home painter in Denver is an expert when it comes to exterior house painting.

    If you are searching for a professional painting company in Denver, you are in luck because AAA PaintFix Company is located in this area.

    Give us a call and let us talk about the painting services.

    In this post, however, let us discuss everything about do-it-yourself exterior house painting.

    If you have the skills, you can certainly do it by yourself.

    For assistance, do not hesitate to call us.

    Important Notes for DIY Exterior House Painting

    For those who are planning to do a DIY exterior house painting, take note of these pointers for a smoother process.

    Every home painter in Denver suggests these:

    Assess Your Environment.

    The weather is unpredictable.

    It is best to plan and buy the materials before bad weather.

    Paint needs time to dry, and you would not like it if it got wet due to rain and humidity.

    Choose The Best Quality

    We often opt for the cheapest paint because they are costly.

    However, if you want to see the best results, go for the best quality or brand of paint.

    They last longer, saving you money for the long run because you do not have to repaint.

    Prepare The Landscape

    Before everything else, prepare the landscape.

    Painting can be really messy, so make sure to cover the ground.

    You can use old newspapers, scratch papers, recycled materials, and many more to cover the floor.

    With this, you can protect the floor and other objects.

    Sand And Wash

    Make sure to actualize the process by sanding and washing.

    Paint does not adhere much to dirty and rough surfaces, so eliminate these hindrances before applying paint.

    Use Primer

    Painters consider it as a principle to always apply a primer, sand, then color coats.

    There are lots of variations and new brands available on the market.

    Check them out.

    Mix The Cans

    For paint combinations, prepare big gallons to avoid remixing.

    The thing with remixing is the low possibility of getting that particular color again.

    This method is called boxing the paint.

    It is always best to have extra paint than scarce.

    Start From Top To Bottom

    When painting, work your way from the top to the bottom.

    Following this process will help control the paint strakes.

    Drips are inevitable, but there are a lot of ways to counter them.

    Seal It Off

    Remember to always close your paint containers after using them.

    If the gallons are left without their lids, they will dry out, and you cannot use them anymore.

    Always seal it off with its lid or any plastic wraps.

    Materials Needed For DIY

    Let us head over the needed equipment in doing a DIY exterior house painting.

    You can always ask a professional company in Denver for more questions and assistance if necessary.

    • exterior flat
    • semi gloss paint
    • paintbrush
    • drop cloths
    • caulk gun
    • plastic sheeting
    • painter’s tape
    • paint sprayer
    • epoxy filler
    • sanding block
    • ladder
    • spackle knife
    • paint scraper
    • stain-blocking primer
    • pressure washer
    • exterior caulk

    Steps To Follow

    1.  Pressure-wash The Walls

    As mentioned above, you need to sand and wash the surfaces for smooth painting.

    There can be dirt, dust, and debris on the surface that will surely lump when the paint is applied.

    Do this using the top to the bottom direction in a controlled manner with 8 inches each stroke.

    2.  Fix The Damaged Surfaces

    Another issue with surfaces is the damages like holes and cracks.

    Make sure to solve these damages before applying paint.

    You can apply epoxy filler to these holes or cracks using a spackle knife.

    Afterward, lightly sand them using a sanding block.

    On a side note, you can also fill the gaps using exterior caulk and caulk guns.

    3.  Prime The Stains

    Observe the surfaces for any stains.

    If there are any, apply a cost of stain-blocking primer to remove them.

    4.  Start The Painting Proper

    You can now proceed to the painting properly.

    If you have forgotten, lay used paper to avoid paint drips on the floor.

    Apply two to three coats depending on the surface.

    AAA PaintFix Company

    AAA Paintfix Company is a professional painting company in Denver.

    Every home painter in Denver has the skills to conduct an exterior house painting, and we are one of them.

    Book a home painter in Denver now by giving us a call!

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