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    For exterior painting services, there is an outstanding professional painting company in Denver.

    A good exterior exudes a good lifestyle, improving the value and appeal of your house.

    With a home painter in Denver, your job will become easier and efficient.

    Since a home painter in Denver is an expert, you do not need to worry about anything except the choices, decisions, and cost.

    However, if you are planning to do a do-it-yourself exterior painting job, you may do so.

    It may be tough, but with skills, adequate materials, and proper steps, it is possible.

    Although we do not recommend it because it is really challenging for non-experts, we support your decision.

    Exterior painting is complex because of so many factors, especially for a huge house.

    If you need assistance, never hesitate to call a home painter in Denver.

    Here are some tips you can follow in doing the DIY method.

    1.  Buy Quality Tools and Products

    Investing in suitable materials and equipment is never a loss.

    It will indeed cost you a lot, but it will not compensate for the result of your painting job.

    Also, it will last in the long run.

    It means that you will not apply for repainting for periods.

    In the end, you are actually saving more.

    Take a look at our recommended painting products:

    • 4 inches straight-bristled brush
    • 1 and a half angled sash brush
    • Roller setup and hard roller cage
    • 1 and a half inches nap roller covers
    • Roller screen (9 inches and 7 inches)
    • 1-gallon clean paint cans
    • 5-gallon clean bucket

    2.  3-Step Technique

    This brush technique leads to a successful exterior painting.

    These are the three steps:

    1. Dip the brush’s bristles (about 2 inches) into the paint.
    2. Slap the brush repeatedly to remove excess paint.
    3. Paint from a not-so-full bucket, about 2-3 inches of paint only.

    It is efficient and time-saving.

    Do this 3-step repeatedly for good results.

    4.  Ask Help and Suggestions from Paint Shops

    The marketplace can help you–you just need to reach out to them for assistance.

    If you are having a hard time with colors and quantities, ask them for suggestions.

    Aside from a painter in Denver, they have the knowledge about paint and painting and everything in between.

    We understand the struggle in choosing the perfect paint for your house’s exterior and the challenge of doing a DIY.

    Hence, we really recommend you to ask for assistance either from us, a professional painting company in Denver, or from the staff in painting stores.

    Moreover, asking will save you time and money.

    Per se, you purchased the wrong amount of paint or color, and it could have been avoided if you asked for suggestions in the first place.

    Lastly, the people in paint shops can give tips beyond your knowledge, which would truly help you actualize your plan.

    5.  Roller Technique

    Another technique we recommend is the roller technique.

    The first step is to pour a paint gallon into the 5-gallon clean bucket.

    Next, hand the roller screen into it.

    Then, load the roller against the screen until the excesses are squeezed out.

    6.  Check the Weather

    In doing an exterior painting project, you always need to consider the weather.

    Remember these notes:

    • Do not paint in direct sunlight.
    • Do not paint on windy days.
    • Do not apply paint using latex when it is below 50°F.
    • Do not paint when it is raining.

    7.  Cutting-in Technique

    This technique involves only two steps.

    First, load and wiggle the brush tip into the corner.

    Next, pull it out for about four inches along the edge.

    8.  Top-to-bottom Technique

    Probably the most common technique is the top-to-bottom method.

    A home painter highly recommends this because it promotes the highest efficiency.

    To do this, paint from the top area then below to avoid paint flow marks and other streaks.

    Next, we recommend you paint the larger areas first before proceeding to the details.

    Furthermore, if you are using two colors or more, allow the first color to dry first before applying the second one.

    9.  Door-painting Technique

    The door-painting technique involves painting on the panels first before painting into the corners.

    Afterward, smooth it with long strokes in the same direction.

    For Exterior Painting Jobs, call AAA PaintFix Company.

    Exterior Painting is complicated enough for a DIY method.

    Call AAA PaintFix Company or a local home painter in Denver for assistance.

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