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    Besides the basic exterior and interior paintings, a professional painting company in Denver includes high-durability coatings in their services.

    High-durability coatings are most needed for business owners because the building is more than personal.

    This type of paint protects the surfaces against wear and tear.

    If you are interested, please get in touch with AAA PaintFix Company, a professional painting company in Denver, for appointments.

    Defining High-durability

    HD or high durability range is best applied to resist atmospheric conditions.

    This kind has polyesters in its finishes, creating a smooth, glossy, wrinkly, smooth opaque, metalized, and more.

    It is excellent in covering properties because it is resistant to chemical substances like oil, alkalis, acids, fuels, and more.

    It is resistant to scratching, as well.

    Durability and its priorities

    The market for this type of coating has two main categories: DIY painters and contractors.

    DIY painters are the owners, while the hired painters like a professional painting company in Denver are the contractors.

    While coating can look easy, the needs differ in durability and specific attributes.

    In applying high-durability coatings, we recommend you hire a contractor because there are considerable differences in results.

    Learn about high-durability coatings below:

    Color Retention

    Colors are usually associated with appearance and aesthetics.

    Most owners tend to buy paints for visual attributes, such as color smoothness and saturation during application.

    In most cases, it is the priority.

    In definition, color retention means the duration of the paint’s hue and intensity.

    Stain Resistance

    Stain resistance means the coating can repel stains.

    It is resistant to typical stains like messy dinners and coffee spills in the kitchen or kids’ crayon drawing on the walls.

    Dirt Accumulation Resistance

    Likewise, dirt accumulation resistance is the ability of the paint to repel dirt, debris, dust, and other blemishes.

    In summary, the coating will remain its original appearance despite the exposure to these external factors.


    As evident in its name, washability refers to washing off stains from a coated surface.

    A washable coating makes it easier to remove stains, lessening the usage of elbow greases.

    Burnish Resistance

    This attribute refers to friction, like when an object rubs up against the coating.

    The burnishing effect is highly recognizable, creating a shiny spot on matte paint and vice versa.

    When the paint is burnished resistant, it will make the coating remain flat and consistent.

    Grain Crack Resistance

    Paints are exposed to cracks and peels because of UV rays, changing temperature, and the weather.

    High-durability coatings are crack resistant, holding the structure even when exposed to the factors mentioned above.

    It expands or contracts in reaction to these conditions.

    Surfactant Leaching Resistance

    Surfactants are combined into paint formulations for chemical structure modifications.

    When rain makes contact on a coated surface, surfactants leach out, creating streaks in the paint.

    To avoid this, contact a professional painting company in Denver for high-durability coatings.

    DIY Painters

    DIY painters will most likely work with interior coatings, especially to houses.

    Homeowners are the only ones to decide on how they would like their house to look.

    However, doing DIY is not suggested if not for personal use.

    Unlike houses, businesses require more attention and appeal because they cater to many people,

    A home painter in Denver can be of help if you need assistance as well.


    On the other hand, contractors work more on the exterior.

    As mentioned above, businesses have specific rules and standards to pass, requiring a painter’s skills from a professional painting company in Denver.

    They know what to do because of their years of experience and skills.

    You can always trust us, a professional painting company in Denver, to be your contractors.

    For high-durability coatings application, contact AAA PaintFix Company

    AAA PaintFix Company is a professional painting company in Denver that offers a wide range of painting services and related repairs.

    We cover jobs from houses to commercial spaces.

    Everything that includes painting, whether interior or exterior, we are fit for the job.

    Also, if you are having a hard time doing the DIY method, a home painter in Denver is always available to assist you.

    Give us a call and let us talk about the quotes, available dates, questions, concerns, and other inquiries.

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