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How To Paint Your Way To A Better Porch

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    While painting a proch may seem very daunting, all you need is to follow the proper steps, and you are good to go!

    With some little planning as well as preparation, you can give your porch a new look in no time.

    As a guide, here is how to paint your way to a better porch:

    How to Paint a Porch

    The first thing that needs to be done is the removal of every item that may be sitting on your porch.

    This means everything, from furniture to plants, and etc.

    Ensure that every little nook and crany is removed from the area where you will be painting.

    If you cannot move the others, simply cover them with some drop cloths.

    You can use your old sheets for this.

    After you have cleared off everything that is needed, simply sweep the area.

    Begin on one side and then clean your way across. Just sweep ever debris off of it to make sure that you have a smooth working space.

    Then, after everything has been sweeped, get a hose and point it on the surface to clean it thoroughly, thus freeing it from dirt and debris.

    How to Paint a Concrete Porch

    If you have a concrete surface, you may be interested to utilize some concrete cleaning chemicals, a scrub burhs, and water to make sure that the porch has indeed been cleaned.

    However, make sure first that you are wearing gloves before you start on this process, so as to keep your hands from touching any harmful chemicals.

    After you are done with scrubbing, simply have the surface rinsed off again, using a hose.

    Then, wait for it to dry entirely before you take the succeeding steps.

    The wait can go for as long as 24 hours, which depends on the weather.

    However, a great choice for this process is to purchase a power-washer, which will save you time as well as elbow grease.

    Once the surface has been cleaned and dried, simply tape any areas where you do not want the paint to land on.

    There are various practices regarding painting your concrete with mixed reviews.

    However, to keep things simple, just use prime and then paint.

    These concrete primers are relatively easy to locate from any store.

    Moreover, they will make sure that the paint is etched on the surface in a smooth way.

    If you can’t, contact a house painter in Denver for help.

    In how to paint your way to a better porch, there is no harm in asking for help!

    How to Paint a Wooden Porch

    For surfaces of wood, once you have swept and hosed them down, you will have to wait until the wood has been completely dried before you proceed to the succeeding steps.

    How to paint your way to a better porch will really depend on the weather that you have in your area.

    The waiting game can be up to 24 hours.

    Once the surface has been confirmed to be dry, then erase any existing paint around.

    One of the best techniques for this is to utilize an orbital sander in order to remove the old paint off.

    Then, ensure that you have your goggles for protection as well as a mask to ensure safety on the job.

    Once you are done, just get rid of the dust on the surface.

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