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FAQs on Interior and Exterior Paint Jobs

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    Home building, remodeling, and renovations are never an easy job.

    Decisions made at the beginning of a project may or may not materialize in the end.

    Choosing the right paint for the exterior and interior of a building, for example, is one of the most daunting tasks in this project as it involves countless details and factors to consider.

    The decision to make relies not only on personal preferences, but on numerous factors you need to be keen on to make sure the paint job won’t become a huge flop.

    Although you may be able to pick up designs and color ideas from magazines, books, and online; bringing them into reality may be more difficult than imagined.

    To help you get started on deciding which wall paint you’d want for your home or building, here are important FAQs on interior and exterior paint jobs, from a reliable home painter in Denver, you need to know.

    The Science of Color

    Paint colors are mood setters.

    This is especially true with interior wall paints.

    Light paint colors tend to make a poorly-lit room brighter, and a smaller room bigger.

    These colors also work well with brightly-lit rooms.

    Darker paint colors make larger rooms feel warm and/or cozy.

    They also add more drama, depending on the color tones applied.

    For the exterior, paint colors give identity to a home or building.

    The colors provide a lasting first impression.

    Light neutrals give a clean feeling and do not make a structure stand out that much.

    These tones also are very versatile and make a great palette for different home or building designs.

    Organic and natural colors are also a good choice when you want your exterior walls to match the materials the home or building is made of.

    Dark colors are easy on the eyes and give off a warm and cozy vibe to a structure. They are also easy to match with light and soft hues of other natural colors.

    Bright exterior wall paint gives off a bold, vibrant, and chic feel.

    What mood would you like to set your home, room, or building in?

    Perfecting the Look

    Wall paints do not only come in different colors and tones.

    They come in different finishes as well, which may seem daunting at first glance.

    How do you know which sheen is the perfect choice for you?

    These FAQs on interior and exterior paint jobs will give you the run-down you need.

    Surprising as it may seem, choosing the perfect paint sheen is actually easier than deciding for a paint color.

    What are the different paint sheens you need to know?

    Matte or Flat

    This sheen is easy to paint, but not as easy to clean.

    These paints contain additives that act against the growth of fungus and mildew.

    They are often used on ceilings and areas of the structure with less traffic.


    It is easier to clean, making it a more common choice in most areas of a structure or building.

    This sheen creates a velvety soft appearance on the surface and has a better stain resistance than matte or flat.


    This is perfect for outdoor and exterior walls as it provides a better resistance to color fading and weathering.

    Gloss or High-gloss

    This sheen may not be a great help in covering up surface imperfections, but its durability and washability are remarkable.

    Trial and Error

    Trying out paint colors may seem time-consuming, but it is always a wise move even when you have decided on the colors and sheen to use.

    Sometimes, the colors look drastically different on the palettes in the paint store from the walls on your home or building.

    By using pain poster boards to try out the feel of your color choices, you can actually save more time and of course, money.

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