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Why You Should Professionally Stain Your Home’s Wood Exterior Features

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    There are lot of factors that can come into why you should professionally stain your home’s wood exterior features.

    There are many homeowners out there who are madly taken with the wooden look, as it is natural.

    They incorporate it into their fences, decks, and siding, which brings quite an air of sophistication to the exterior.

    If you do not want to paint over those areas, then you should know that professional staining can significantly make sure that the wood is able to keep the luster.

    Moreover, it can add a layer of protection to your home from the natural elements that may eat out the paint and the wood.

    To give you some tips here is why you should professionally stain your home’s wood exterior features:

    To reclaim your outdoor living space.

    The home’s deck is a huge extension of the living space.

    Whether or not you are already using it as such, it is time to treat it as such properly.

    You can use it for your warm party evenings or gatherings with friends, family, and neighbors.

    It is also a great place for you to spend your personal time.

    Imagine enjoying a cup of morning coffee on a quiet day before you start work or school.

    You can even bring in a glass of wine every night to relax from a busy day.

    With this, you may want to make sure that the deck that is made out of wood can last for a long time.

    Moreover, it should withstand the summer storms, along with any other seasonal elements.

    That is why you should professionally stand your home’s wood exterior features.

    If you opt to pick a stain that matches the natural appearance of the wood on your siding, decks, as well as fences, it can significantly provide a good color palette that is neutral.

    You can even build an exterior design out of it.

    Best Exterior Wood Staining Options

    While staining the exterior of the home and its surfaces may look like a simple process, you need to actually go through so many options, much like planning for a painting project.

    Pain and stain both generate a layer of protection for the home, and they can also be available in a variety of color choices.

    However, opting for a stain does not mean that you can save yourself from the trouble of the process of color selection.

    Nevertheless, you can consult your house painter in Denver to help you with the color selection of the wood stain as well as assist you in understanding how they work.

    Oil-based Stain

    This stain is the most widely used type for projects in the exterior of the home.

    This is because the oil can penetrate through the wood, thus generating a layer of protection, while simultaneously permitting the grain texture of the wood to be exposed.

    It is not simply coating the space.

    Oil-based stain is also considered to be a more durable option.

    They are stains that are semi-transparent – and are popular for such because they do not blister nor peel as often due to them not being easily penetrated by natural elements.

    Water-based Stain

    These water-based stains, which are also referred to as acrylic stains, are popular for their ability to maintain their color a lot longer than the others.

    Moreover, they are not that flammable, they dry very quickly, and they do not have that much odor, compared to the previous one.

    If you are on the lookout for a stain color that is intense, such as a black wood stain or a dark brown one, a  water-based type will provide you with much satisfaction.

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