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Skim Coating: What Is It, When And How To Use It

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    This article, “Skim Coating: What Is It, When And How To Use It,” will be tackling topics that pertain to everything there is to know about skim coating.

    After the painting is done, there is a coating called skim coating.

    Skim Coating: What Is It

    Skim coating, by definition, is the technique that involves the smoothing out of wall texture.

    Another term it goes by is a level-five drywall finish.

    Considered to be a texturing technique, it helps to make walls smoother and aids in the repair of drywall that is damaged.

    It assists in the repair of wall cracks, filling, and leveling out of flat surfaces.

    Drywallers utilize this kind of technique because it helps to eliminate any uneven taping jobs as well as give the walls a smoother finish.

    When is a good time to do skim coating?

    Skim coating takes a long time for it to be fully processed.

    Frankly, it is not always needed as well.

    However, this is needed for areas that have critical lighting.

    These would include areas such as hallways and corridors that have light sources that shine on walls as well as the top parts of walls beneath a skylight.

    Another good time to apply skim coating on walls is when walls utilize paints of the semi-gloss or gloss type.

    The reason behind this is because of the reflective paint.

    Reflective paint is notorious for being able to outwardly show defects.

    Since skim coating implies a type of texture, walls do not require it if it is applied on a textured wall that is of a different type.

    How do you efficiently paint over a skim coat?

    To be able to efficiently paint over a skim coat, one must first prime the surface.

    The reason for this is because there is the depositing of a joint compound on a wall when one applies skim coating.

    Primers typically inhabit properties that pertain to sizing agents.

    A common sizing agent for primers is polyvinyl acetate.

    This sizing agent is what will effectively seal the material together and give proper security for the topcoat to actually stay on the surface.

    When applying the skim coat, let it dry completely first.

    After that, the surface must be sanded gently using a paper of 120-grit and a pole slander.

    The utilization of sandpaper helps eliminate any form of defects such as ridges, uneven coating, tool marks, and the like that were left after the coating of skim.

    The improvement of the topcoat coverage can be done by primer tinting in the final color’s direction.

    How to Apply Skim Coating

    Skim coating can be done with mud that holds a consistency that is the same as for taping.

    Some painting contractors, however, like to thin it out with a bit of water to make it more manageable.

    With a drywall knife, you slather the mud on it.

    From there, you can scrape the wall with it.

    Smooth out the layers onto the wall until you create a smooth finish.

    It is important to note that this kind of coating is best utilized on layers that are thin.

    Should the wall be deemed rough or lump, there is the possibility of using more than one skim to effectively smooth out the wall.

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    This article, “Skim Coating: What Is It, When And How To Use It,” answers everything about skim coating and shows the importance.

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