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Selling Your Home? Freshen Up Your Exterior Paint

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    Insiders from real estate have imparted some of the most helpful secrets when it comes to painting before one thinks of selling the home.

    But does painting brings forth a good return for our investments?

    That’s a good question.

    Aside from being committed financially, the painting job also requires careful planning as well as time value.

    Moreover, both exterior and interior painting can provide you with a particular amount of inconvenience too.

    Hence, there could be a lot of reasons to whether or not to paint the home.

    Even so, feasibility is not always guaranteed.

    However, there are also a lot of advantages.

    Selling your home?

    Freshen up your exterior paint.

    Here’s why:

    Consider the Impact of the Exterior Walls

    A simple glance at the house that is put on sale always affects the first impression of the buyers.

    Contrary to common belief, there is no question that the first glance is always important.

    A buyer that is looking for a house will trust their first impression, especially in the decision of whether they want to explore the property further.

    Hence, in a way, the status of the home’s paint job can either make or break the appeal of the house.

    Selling your home? Freshen up your exterior paint if it has not been painted for about twenty years or so.

    This is because a buyer can easily tell if the house still needs a paint job.

    Then, they will have to make estimates on the cost of such a job, which loses their interest in the house itself.

    That is why you should hire a professional painting company in Denver to give your exterior a new coat of paint.

    Make sure to choose those colors that give the walls a pop while blending in with the other homes in the area.

    The colors should also be somewhat fresh, but do not opt for something odd, unless it is uniform with the other houses in the neighborhood.

    Moreover, if any potential buyer sees that the exterior of the home is made up of bricks or vinyl, which needs quite a huge amount of painting, they might be disappointed with it.

    Consider the Impact of Interior Walls

    When your potential buyer enters the interior of your home, they could still be disappointed when they look at your interior walls.

    Be wary if the paint is now peeling on the interior walls, or there are other damages around.

    There are buyers who will think that you have not maintained the home properly, thus deciding to fully skip the tour and find another house.

    To avoid all of this, perform some touch-ups as well as re-paint jobs to make sure that the interior walls will be able to make a good impression on the buyers.

    Moreover, you may have wallpaper or paint colors on your walls that do not necessarily fit the taste of the buyer.

    Not all of them may share your disposition for the design, or perhaps the interior shades.

    When this happens, they might decide that it would be such a hassle to have to deal with the removal of the wallpaper as well as the addition of various coats of paint just to cover the other color.

    What you can do about this is to invest in a house painter and have your interior walls painted with a neutral color.

    You will need to allow the new homeowners the opportunity to have a clean slate where they can imagine putting in their own furniture or finishing touches.

    Return on Investment

    Selling your home? Freshen up your exterior paint with some investment in your future.

    The painting does make a good return on your investment, in a wide range of cases.

    It is perfectly logical to expect that the value of the property may increase and the home will definitely sell a lot quicker since it has been freshly painted inside and out.

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    Selling your home?‌

    Freshen up your exterior paint. ‌

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